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We are called to carry the Gospel to the "Ends of the Earth" and to do that we must be prepared to share the Stories from the Bible Accurately and from memory.  Did you know that there are many people groups that have no written language?  The only way they can communicate is through speech.  RA Bible Telling is designed to help you learn how to tell stories from the Bible correctly from memory using simple key phrases and hand motions.

How it works:  Start by reading the story out loud.  Then Use the Story Board to learn the key points using the hand motions detailed.  Work a section at a time to memorize each sections points and hand motions.  When confident move to the next section.  When you move to a new section be sure to go back and review the previous sections before moving to the next.  When all sections are memorized do the whole thing repeatedly until confident with the whole thing.  Over time as your confidence grows you can start adding more of the details listed in the main story until you are accurately telling the whole story.

Have fun training to be an Ambassador for Christ through Bible Telling!