All Judges Decisions are Final

Campsite Competition
Each Churches Campsite will be judged on the cleanliness of the site and the theme used for  the site (wild west, Survivor, etc..). Added to this judging will include Projects—Mission & Crafts.
You can bring displays of your chapters projects to be judges on both quality and creativity.

Royal Racers
Royal Racers is a pine wood derby competition that will be broken down into Lad, Crusader, Challenger and Adult Divisions.
It is a double elimination contest based on fastest car per race in each division..  The cars will be raced on a outside rail track.  They must be cars made by Royal Racers of Tennessee (the  official Race Car of  Royal Ambassadors).  Each Racer must weigh no more than 5 ounces and the only lubricant allowed is graphite.  They must use the  narrow wheels supplied by the Royal Racer manufacturer.  Any cars that do not meet these requirements will be allowed to race but will not be a part of the competition for awards.

Campcraft Rodeo
There are 5 events in the Campcraft Rodeo.  The two individual events are Compass Course and Knot Tying.  The team events are Fire Building, Tent Pitching and the X-Treme Team Run.
Individual Events will be judged and awards will be given for each RA Advancement Level:
Lad 1, Lad 2, Lad 3, Page, Squire, Knight, Challenger.
Team events will be judged and awards will be given for Lad Teams, Crusader Teams and Challenger Teams.
Teams will have 4 members.  A team can have members from different churches.  A team should have members of the same division.  Mixed teams are allowed but will be judged as a Crusader team.

Compass Course
A circular course will be set up.  Silva Compasses will be provided.  Each participant will receive an instruction card with a starting marker code and bearing.  The bearings direct the participant from  marker to marker around the course.  Each marker has a letter designation which the participant enters on his card as he follows the bearings around the course.  Judging is based upon accuracy and time with accuracy being the primary focus.  In the event of a tie in accuracy, time will be used to determine the order of awards.

Knot Tying
Lads will tie an overhand knot, a square knot and a half hitch.  There will be three ropes.  Time will start with the first rope in the boy’s hand.  He will tie one knot, drop the rope, pick up the next rope and tie the second.  The half hitch will be tied across the pole provided.  Time stops when the final knot is successfully tied.
Crusaders will tie a Figure 8 Knot, a clove hitch knot, a bow line and a square knot, .  Time will start when the first rope is in the boy’s hand.  He may tie the knots in any order he chooses.  He will tie one knot, drop the rope, pick up the next rope and tie the next knot.  The clove hitch will be tied across the pole provided.  Time stops when the final knot is tied successfully.

For both Lads and Crusaders, Judging is based on time.  Knots must be tied in order and each knot must be tied correctly before going to the next knot.

Fire Building
Four man teams.  All fire material will be furnished.  *2014 Change!* Build a fire large enough to burn through a length of twine at a standarized height using wood, wood shavings and 4 matches.  Three minutes will be allowed to prepare for building the fire.  Timing starts when the judge instructs the team to strike the first match.  Judging is based on time.  Failure to follow the judges instructions regarding safety and neatness will cause disqualification.

Tent Pitching
Four man team.  Tent will be provided.  Judging will be based on time.  Time starts with the tent rolled up on the ground.  Time stops when the tent is up and taut.  After judging the team restores the tent to original rolled up position for their time to count.  *2014 CHANGE!* The provided tent will be a 2 fiberglass pole dome tent and NOT a "pup tent."

X-Treme Team Challenge
Boys will form teams of 4 Lad, Crusader or Challenger.  This timed event will take them thru a series of challenges that will range from teamwork obstacles and campcraft skill demonstration.  Each team will be briefed on what to expect prior to starting the race.  Teamwork must be demonstrated throughout and each team must completely arrive at a station before they are allowed to begin that challenge.  The fastest 3 teams from each division will win.

Top Chef Competition
This new event has 3 Catagories. 1-Main Dish Judging, 2-Desert Judging, 3-Top Chef.
Participants will provide a portion of each dish they want judged. It is not necessary to bring 3 complete servings but it should be one serving large enough for three people to sample. The three Judges will sample each dish from that catagory. Awards will be given to the 1st thru 3rd Place entries for both Main Dish and Deserts. The third catagory of Top Chef will be provided to the best overall dish or combination of Main Dish and Desert.

Scoring will be made on Taste and with extra points awarded for the method used to cook the food.  Examples would be 1-Food prepared at home, frozen then heated gets no bonus points. 2-Food Cooked over an open flame gets bonus points 3-RAs assist in cooking gets bonus points 4-RAs assist in cooking over open flame gets double bonus points.

Honor Chapter
Honor Chapter will be awarded to the church with the most overall  participation in all evetns (based on % participation of campers per chruch), camper attitudes & campsite care.  Penalty points can be assessed to a church  only by Wilderness Challenge Officials and Assigned Judges.  Honor Chapters will have their church added to the WIlderness Challenge Totem each year.